Sabbath 2008


We are used to being well-informed about what is going on around us and in distant parts of the world. Radio and television bring events that take place on the other side of the globe in a split second. What is lacking in media is personal touch. How exciting it is when a friend or neighbor approaches us and tells us about a certain happening. We hear the voice, we see the emotion in the eyes and we may even feel the touch of the person’s hand on our arm.

In John 1:43-51, Philip was called by Jesus and cannot keep it to himself. He runs to Nathanael and wants him to experience what he has experienced when he met Jesus. Nathanael was skeptical and not eager to believe in a Messiah from Nazareth. Philip just did what Jesus had done when He called His first disciples saying, “Come and see.”

When it comes to bringing somebody to Christ, the best way to show Jesus to another person is to let him encounter Jesus. This is easier said than done. For we cannot do what Philip did – bring a friend in the presence of the man Jesus. We cannot see, hear, and meet Jesus as Philip and Nathanael did. But He is nevertheless present.

Read the Gospels together with the person you want to bring to Christ. Bring him to a genuine Christian community and to a place where charity is practiced among the poor. Share what Christ means to you.

In this time of mass media and instant information and communication, news about Christ no longer make the headlines in papers or breaking news on TV. Whether Christ will be known, loved and followed by the next generation depends on our conviction that He is our Savior and how excited we are to share about Him. It depends very much on our gentle invitation: “Come and see!” - Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD

REFLECTION QUESTION: Am I still excited by the Good News of Christ? Whom could I invite to take a closer look at Christ and His Church?

Lord, we can only thank You for modern means of communication and information. But there is also the danger that we forget the greatest news of all – the Good News that is You. Give us the grace to never get tired of this news. Give us the grace to never lose excitement and eagerness to share Your Good News with others. Amen.


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