Thank You, Genesis



By Lorie Sanchez


How time flies so fast! It’s now Year 2008. It seems like yesterday when I first arrived here in Jakarta, where my husband (with a bouquet of roses in his hands), along with his close friends Mike, Arianne & Ron, welcomed me at the airport. Now, it has been almost five years… and I’m wondering when my next bouquet of roses will arrive. (Hahaha...just kidding!)

But seriously, I can say that in those five years, many wonderful things have happened to me and my family. First, we have been blessed with an adorable son named John Arlo, whose sweetness and mere presence brings so much joy to our family! (Happy 4th birthday, Arlo!) Second, my loving mother has had the opportunity to travel abroad to be with us, and her first grandson. Third, my husband’s job helps us in meeting not only our needs but also the needs of our loved-ones back home. I was also given the opportunity to practice my Accounting profession for a year when I worked in an International School during my second year of stay here.

Fourth, we have been a part of a beautiful community – the Genesis Catholic Community – whom we consider as our second family, which has drawn us closer to GOD and our Lord Jesus Christ. It’s also through GENESIS that we were able to meet special people and friends who are so generous of their time, skills, and love for our family. I’ve even become active in the Intercessory Ministry (led by Sis. Beth Manibog) where I was able to experience many answered prayers, and at the same time meet full-time moms like me who would offer their support, and help fill up each other’s love tank. Moreover, I have had the opportunity to meet famous people like Bro. Bo Sanchez, Fr. Jerry Orbos, SVD and Fatima Soriano among others, who have greatly inspired us… Thank you, GENESIS!

Yes, so many blessings have come upon us and I’m so grateful for all the graces that we’ve received from GOD just by following His will, and doing our best to serve and glorify Him. Most of these blessings were answers to our prayers, while there are some that GOD has given even before we asked for it.

Truly, GOD is great! He loves us indeed! He even granted us another beautiful gift as I’m pregnant with our second baby, and I’m about to give birth anytime soon! With all these loads of blessings, all I can say is, Thank You, Lord!

Still, I would remind myself to surrender everything to Him. I also have to try my best to fulfill my mission here on earth – one of which is to spread GOD’s goodness and love.

I hope I have inspired at least one soul with this sharing. It feels great to realize how much He has blessed and loved us, and that I have this chance to give praise and glory to Him. Just always remember to trust GOD and He will give you the desires of your heart. GOD bless you!