My Genesis Experience
HIS Servant
By Bro. Pete Lapid

The Genesis Catholic Community began from a Bible Study group in August 1988. And over these years, the Community has become, for its members, many different things – a family, a refuge, a spiritual support, a shelter, a place for prayer, a protection, a venue for sharing, a guide, a retreat, a teacher, a mentor, a co-worker, a stronghold, a prayer-warrior, a help in time of need, a friend, a counselor, a community, a joy, a way, a home.

But let me tell you my own personal experience -- what GENESIS has done to me or how it has helped me.


• I had my personal conversion
• I have experienced the mercy and love of GOD
• I have grown in my love for the Eucharist
• I have come to know and love the Catholic Church
• I have come to realize my mission in life
• I learned to be more patient and forgiving
• I have come to realize how blessed I am!


• I have come to know and love the Lord
• I have come to know the importance of prayer and have experienced the power of prayer
• I have come to know the need to read, study and meditate on the Word of GOD
• I have experienced being loved and sharing that love
• I have learned the true meaning of generosity and selfless giving
• I came to realize that I need to nourish my soul just I nourish my body
• I have my family – who genuinely love me and care for me!

In and thru GENESIS –

• I have grown in my faith and service to the Lord
• I have become a more thankful person
• I have come to realize that GOD loves me more than I can ever imagine!

GENESIS is the second best thing that ever happened to me. The first being - my personal relationship with Lord - (which began in GENESIS!)

I praise and thank GOD for communities like GENESIS!!

GOD created us and intended us to belong to a community. We certainly cannot grow in our faith alone. For how can we practice it alone? Faith in order to grow needs to be shared, not kept to oneself.

So for those of you, dear readers, who do not belong to any community or group yet, I strongly encourage you to join one. Or better yet, join the Genesis Catholic Community. We welcome both saints and sinner alike!

From my own experience, Community is GOD’s gift to us…..for our good!