Sabbath 2008 - HUGS AND KISSES

Hugs and Kisses

Children use different antics to get what they want. Some suddenly stage a s

pontaneous sing and dance concert. Others become unusually obedient to their elders. Still others pamper their elders with tight hugs and warm kisses, saying, “I love you.”

Not that they do not mean what they say and do, but children seem to be more expressive of their love for their elders when they need something from them, especially when the parent seem to be playing “hard to get.”

GOD does not play “hard to get” when we need something from Him. He is an ever-solicitous Father to us. He knows what we need even before we ask it from Him, and He is also ever willing to give it to us, if it will be for our good.

Prayer does not change GOD. Rather, prayer changes us.

Prayer makes us grow into the knowledge that we are GOD’s children, that there is nothing we should be embarrassed to confide to Him, that there is nothing we cannot request from Him, save anything evil. Prayer opens our minds to the idea of a Father-GOD. Prayer makes us grow into the attitude of GOD’s children.

GOD wants us to ask from Him what we need because He wants us to develop a filial attitude toward Him. Even our parents instinctively know what we need even before we ask; but they, at times, wait for us to speak to them about it. In that way, we learn what it means to be their children.

When we approach GOD during difficult times and present our needs to Him, we affirm our fundamental choice: GOD. We choose GOD; and the more we pray – for whatever reason we have – the more we affirm that fundamental choice.

In the parable in Luke 18:1-8, it is the unjust judge that was changed by the persistence of the widow. In real life, it is we, not GOD, who are changed by our fervent prayer.

As we grow more mature in the faith, we realize that we do not need to play our tricks or antics on GOD to get what we want from Him. We simply hug Him tightly and kiss Him tenderly… And that in itself is a beautiful prayer. –
Fr. Bobby Titco

REFLECTION QUESTION: Prayer changes us, not GOD.

Abba, Father, give me a heart like that of Jesus. May I love You with the heart of Jesus and may I love Jesus with Your heart. I love You, Dad! Amen.


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