Prayer - A Lifestyle
HIS Servant
By Bro. Pete Lapid

I thought I’d write a serious article on Prayer for you. But I decided against it. I simply didn’t want to bore you. Besides, there are already many good articles about Prayer in this bulletin which I highly recommend that you read.

So I decided to just share with you some of the many quotations on Prayer which I have come across from various sources, including Scripture, and which I have come to love as well.

Although they are mostly very brief, they speak a lot of truth about Prayer. And it is my fervent hope and prayer that you will come to love them, and even memorize them, learn and know their message and apply them in your own lives – daily, if you will, until
Prayer becomes a lifestyle for you.


Here’s my favorite: Prayer should be the key of the morning and the lock of the evening. (Owen Fellthan) This simply means that we should start our day with prayer and end it with prayer. Offer each day to GOD and see what difference it makes!

Here’s another favorite:
Satan hinders prayers, but prayer also hinders Satan. So if you want to get rid of or stop Satan from bothering you, just pray!

And here are 7 other truths about Prayer:
• Prayer enlarges the heart until it is capable of containing GOD’s gift of Himself. (Mother Teresa)
• The biggest problem in prayer is how to ‘let go and let GOD’. (Glenn Clark)
• A man without prayer is like a tree without roots.
(Pope Pius XII)
• Really to pray is to stand to attention in the presence of the King and to be prepared to take orders from Him.
(Donald Coggan)
• He who does not know how to pray when the sun shines will not know how to pray when the clouds come.
• Do not expect a thousand dollar answer to a ten-cent prayer.
• Life is fragile – handle it with prayer.

And more importantly, here are 7 passages on Prayer from the Holy Bible:
¬ The prayer of the upright man has great power, provided he perseveres. (James 5:16)
¬ Devote yourselves to prayer. (Colossians 4:2)
¬ Pray without ceasing. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)
¬ Pray that you may not be put to the test. (Luke 22:40)
¬ Pray at all times as the Spirit inspires you. Keep watch, together with sustained prayer and supplication for all the brothers. (Ephesians 6:18)
¬ Whatever you ask in prayer full of faith, you will receive. (Matthew 21:22)
¬ Prayer is not a monologue, but a dialogue. (Ecclesiastes 5:1-2: Guard your steps when you go to the house of GOD. Go near to listen…Do not be quick with your mouth, do not be hasty in your heart to utter anything before GOD.)

Let us all aim to make Prayer a Lifestyle. It is for our own good!