Sabbath 2008



About 2,000 years have passed since GOD became man in Jesus Christ who did not get tired to proclaim the Good News day after day. Nothing could stop His disciples from continuing to spread the teaching of their Master. They were quite successful; Christianity spread relatively fast throughout the ancient world.

But today, barely one third of the world’s population knows Christ and follows His teachings. We hear about Christian countries in Europe where churches and seminaries are nearly empty and have to be sold. We know about “Christian” countries where criminality, graft and corruption flourish – in other words, where Christian values are not practiced.

Jesus foresaw this already when He told the parable about the sower and the seed (Mark 4:1-20). The farmer sows according to the custom of the country; the seed is good – but much of the seed was wasted. We could expect that in the end, the farmer is disappointed because of the poor harvest. But to our surprise, the harvest is still plenty.

The apparent “poor harvest” after nearly 2,000 years should not discourage us. The seed, the Word of GOD, is good. In spite of so many obstacles, nothing can hinder a great harvest in the end.

We don’t know how long the world will still last, but GOD knows. When He assures us of an overwhelming harvest, we should not feel anxious but try more than ever to contribute to that great harvest.

We hear the Word of GOD at least every Sunday during Mass; many read regularly the Bible and so also “hear” GOD’s Word. How long does it remain in our memory? Isn’t it that once we leave the Church, we tend to forget what we heard in the Gospel? There we have it: “Satan has come and carried away the Word.”

Realizing these dangers to the seed of the Word of GOD, we can become more careful and try more than ever to listen well, accept and do what GOD tells us – as Mary did, who taught us already this important lesson. –
Fr. Rudy Horst, SVD

REFLECTION QUESTION: Which of the obstacles Jesus enumerates in His parable do I discover in my life? Where can I begin to remove these obstacles so that GOD’s Word brings more fruit in my life?

Lord, Divine Sower, You continuously sow Your Word into my heart. At times it brings fruit, often it does not because of the reasons You point out in the parable. I ask You to send the Holy Spirit to give me the strength to resist even more all those daily obstacles to a good harvest. Amen.


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