Sabbath 2008


Jesus praises His Father for allowing Himself to be revealed to the “little ones” – tax collectors, sinners and others who are willing to obey His teachings. The wise and clever – the Pharisees, scribes and experts of the law – have ignored and rejected the blessing of GOD through Jesus, the Holy and Anointed One.

Faith is a gift given to us
, “a supernatural virtue infused by GOD” (Catholic Catechism, no. 153). One must be open to the interior work of the Spirit who pours His love into our hearts. With openness of mind and heart, the Lord can help one to believe.

I believe in the truths revealed to me in Scripture, tradition and the teachings of the Church. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I submit my intellect and understanding to these revealed truths and faith is born. To believe is a human act. On GOD’s part, He infuses me with grace and power to have faith.

We are privileged to know Jesus. This is the gracious will of GOD. How He reveals Himself to us is the mystery of GOD – through life’s experience, the Church, in the world, or by way of evangelization. The Lord can remove the obstacles of doubt and unbelief, and we are open to the benevolent and abundant life of GOD.

We Christians know who we are and where we are in our relationship with GOD. He alone answers every question, anticipates every need and fulfills every longing of the human heart. By becoming like us, Jesus supports and leads us to an authentic understanding of who man is. He understands the trials of humanity, the difficulties we must endure, the problems and issues of our daily lives. He seeks those who are burdened to come and find rest in Him. He empowers us with His Holy Spirit in order to live a full life.

Come to Jesus, you who are tired and burdened. As John the Beloved leaned on Jesus at the Last Supper, so too can you find comfort and rest in Him who is near. –
Fr. Brian Steele, MGL

REFLECTION QUESTION: Are you tired and worn out from all your worries and anxieties? Have you lost the courage to go on? Jesus says, “Come to Me.” Go to Him and drink deeply of His life and love.

Lord Jesus, I will go to You and find rest in Your love. I surrender my cares and worries to You. I believe in You, help my unbelief. Amen.


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