Draw Me to Love Thee, O Lord


By Ramon Martillano

A Protestant boy wanted to marry a Catholic girl.  Her parents felt it would be advisable for the young lad to adopt the family religion.  Accordingly, he began to read Catholic literature, and attend classes taught by a priest.
All went well until one day the mother came home to find her daughter lying on the sofa weeping her eyes out. "It's Paul," the girl sobbed.  "There isn't going to be any wedding." "What is the matter, my dear?  Doesn't he love you anymore?" "It isn't that," the daughter explained.  "We oversold him.  Now he wants to become a priest." (Bruno Hagspiel)
How I wish I were that Protestant boy! Not necessarily to become a priest (and definitely not to get married again) but to become a “fully committed Christian” to serve Him.  The boy in the story understood fully well the true meaning of being a servant of GOD, to the point of canceling his wedding! Can you beat that? He was drawn and attracted by a powerful “magnet” and without hesitation embraced the Catholic faith.   
Some of us have probably experienced sitting close to a lady in a party who sprayed herself with a bit too much amount of perfume. After the party, it is highly probable that you would have picked up some of the scent.  (Well, it’s good if you were with your wife or girlfriend, otherwise you would have a lot of explaining to do. )
The same thing is true when we draw close to Jesus. As we sit near Him, we will surely pick up some, hopefully all of His traits and become a better Christian, and who knows be canonized a Saint someday! And the longer we stay near Him, the more we will be blessed by the Holy Spirit. So, drawn to GOD, we are blessed. Conversely, withdrawn from GOD, the devil will surely totally devour us in no time!

In a homily given recently, Fr. Harris from Australia said, “If we are under the sun, we will definitely be hit by the rays of the sun.  In the same manner, if we pray before the Blessed Sacrament, we will surely be blessed by the Lord Jesus.” When my wife Vi and I pray before the Blessed Sacrament every morning, we always choose that area right in front of the Blessed Sacrament (just 2-3 feet away.) In doing so, we feel much closer to the Lord. In fact, when I pray in our house, I feel that something is missing. The feeling is not the same as when I pray before the Blessed Sacrament.

In conclusion, I believe that drawing closer to GOD (physically and spiritually) is an act of humility, a clear, unconditional admission that we are totally dependent upon Him for everything. On the other hand, running away from Him is an act of pride, with the wrong notion that we can do everything on our own. Thus it is said, “GOD resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” (Proverbs 3:34)

Let us be drawn closer into His presence as we pray, “Draw my soul nearer to Thy throne to love Thee, O Lord.” (Excerpts from the song Draw Me) Amen.