By Bro. Pete Lapid
HIS Servant

By Bro. Pete Lapid

Last September 14-18 2008, the very 1st Asia-Oceania CCR Leaders’ Conference was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. The theme of the conference is “Catholic Charismatic Renewal: Born Yesterday, Living Today and Growing Tomorrow”.

Participants totaled to about 600 men and women representing various renewal communities and prayers groups from over 20 countries, as far as Japan, South Korea, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, China, Australia and New Zealand. Also present were seven (7) Bishops, over sixty (60) priests and about 20 religious sisters from various orders and congregations. In addition, the conference was graced by the presence of the Apostolic Nuncio, Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli and the Archbishop of Jakarta, Julius Cardinal Darmaatmadja, who both celebrated Mass on different dates.

The conference was organized by the ICCRS Sub-Committee for Asia-Oceania (ISAO) and hosted by the National Service Committee of Indonesia. ICCRS (International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services) is a body recognized by the Vatican for the promotion of Catholic Charismatic Renewal throughout the world.

I was privileged and blessed to be of service to some of the participants during the conference, being part of the service team. It was really a joy to witness the love, the unity, the enthusiasm and zeal, the deep faith and the dedication of all the conference participants, despite their diverse nationalities and cultures. To date, I am still awed at having experienced the powerful worships and the tremendous manifestations and use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit working so mightily during the entirety of the conference.

The conference was a huge success. Praise be to GOD! And Jakarta, Indonesia should be proud for being its host. As some of the participants put it, ‘Jakarta has set a high standard for the upcoming conferences!’

But what really astonished and inspired me, which I believe in my heart contributed immensely to the success of the whole conference, is the dedicated and selfless service of the many Indonesian brothers and sisters, who worked tirelessly day and night – attending endless meetings and planning sessions, raising the needed funds, using their talents and their own resources (computers, cars, money, etc.), even getting hungry at times, waking up early and going home very late and exhausted, praying ceaselessly for the conference and the participants, attending practice sessions, communicating with international and local participants, hotels, food and transport facilities, doing their very best to make the participants’ stay in Jakarta more pleasant – all unselfishly done, to ensure the success of the conference for the glory of GOD!

To me, they are the “mothers, sisters and brothers” of Jesus Christ who hear the Word of GOD and act on it – simply by serving GOD’s people. We will do well if we imitate them; for we are all called to do the same.

May their tribe increase……..through us!