Anniversary Messages - Greetings from Vietnam

Anniversary Messages


To our beloved Genesis Community,

CRISIS. CHRIST. These are the first words that come to my mind, as I pause to reflect on what is happening around us now.

Has a crisis come because there is no Christ? If Christ is here, why is there a crisis?

I have not missed my prayers, I have continued my worship, I have been devout in my observance of Christian rituals and responsibilities, yet the crisis is able to pursue me. It even has reached global proportions. What did I do wrong?

Rather than blame others for what is happening around me, rather than being indifferent since I’m still able to eat six meals a day and rather than just wallow in whatever luxury there is left to enjoy, there must be a deeper meaning in these crises of our times.

Praise GOD for GENESIS. The answer is in GOD’s Word for the Community for 2008-2009.

You are the light of the world. Let your light shine before others. Instead of MY prayers, MY worship, MY Mass, MY duties, have I focused more on OTHERS? Have I been a helping hand, an inspiration, a role model, a guiding light to peers, subordinates, superiors, friends, relatives, neighbors? Have I confined myself only in the comfort of my home, my work, my community? Or have I shared GOD’s blessings with the poor I don’t want to be with, the sick that I avoid, the disabled who can’t cope up with my abilities, the enemies that I loathe? They are part of the world. GOD is telling me, you are the light of the world. Let your light shine before others.

I am with you always. Come on. Even during this global financial crisis, will You be with me if I lose my job, if my kids stop going to international schools or colleges abroad, if my spouse has sleepless nights worrying about an uncertain tomorrow? Are You there when corrupt politicians are on the loose, when terrorists destroy innocent lives, when floods wipe out villages, when OFW families become dysfunctional?

Delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on it day and night. Lord, this is how You make Your presence felt amidst the whirlwind of change, amidst the crisis we are in. You want me to meditate on Your Word day and night. Always. This is the way of hope. Yes, Lord, in Your Words will I find real joy and genuine peace. Then can I declare, in this crisis, there is CHRIST.

Brothers and sisters in GENESIS, we send our love and our greetings to you all on this 13
th anniversary of the Community. Thanks for sharing with us GOD’s Word for the Community. You are a light of the world. Keep up the good service.

Missing you fondly. Please continue to pray for us. GOD bless GENESIS!

Benny & Liza Caleda